Kendall started out his journey into photography because of his passion for the vintage and rockabilly culture.  He is part of a team that plans and produces the largest Rockabilly Car & Bike show in Hawaii.  With his love for classic cars, vintage art, rockabilly music and pin up fashion he used his photography to showcase his own love for the vintage era.  He was inspired to capture a moment that transports people back in time to an era when greased hair, updos and high waisted bottoms were a trend.

Pin up photo shoots initially attracted Kendall to photography.  He also specializes in portrait, couple, and glamour photography.  It is the opportunity to work with various people from various walks of life that drive him further.  His main goal for every shoot is to draw out the models’ confidence about who they are so that they may embody their own beauty and truth.  With Kendall’s photography, it’s all about "Expressing yourself without saying a single word"